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Watch videos on Viggle TV and earn up to 5 perk points per video.

About us

This is an unofficial blog for the mobile application Viggle which posts daily Viggle check in schedules to earn all the Viggle bonus points for the daily featured shows. Follow Viggle boy and get the daily scheduled emailed to you every morning at your preferred email address.
The plan here is to find the Viggle bonus shows per hour, their length in hours and the most appropriate check in time to earn all those bonus points.  This is calculated with keeping in mind that Viggle offers bonus points for being checked in to the show for at least 10 minutes.

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    1. Oh yes... Just wont be posting one day as I will be away and wont be able to prepare and send the schedule from where I will be :-)

  2. Hey ViggleBoy,

    The issues were resolved for my Viggle ap for a little less than 24 hrs. Then, it logged me out, I normally sign in with Facebook so I've been trying to do that over & over and it keeps saying, "Sorry, Error" and there's no other options. I use an iPhone 4S and I've uninstalled / re-installed at least 1/2 dozen times. I've waited hours to re-install after deleting the app just in case and still nothing. Please help! Also, I have/had around 65,000 points and had gotten the email from Viggle about my feedback for the 2,400 points but I don't even know if that's there yet. It's been 2-2.5 days since this happened initially, tried giving it time but still no results. Do you have anything that might prove to be more useful than what I've already tried?


  3. Hi Viggle Boy
    First, I really like your page, how everything is put on so we can see whats on.
    I still cannot viggle the recorded shows, even though I have uninstalled and re installed the app several times (android phone)
    My question is the Holiday: Impossible on the food channel Sunday night at 10pm. It came up as Restaurant: Impossible when I checked in. So I did a check in thru the screen that said Holiday: Impossible and it still came up as Restaurant: Impossible, but the show did refer to it as Holiday: Impossible- I received a total of 58 points (2+6+50) is this a glitch and the remainder will be given?
    Thank you is the email used for viggle. The select profile with google is the same person. That is the only one I recognize to comment with
    Thank you again

  4. Hi,
    Love your page !!! Thanks !
    Do you know when they will reward the Thanksgiving Quest points and the Mindy Project Streak ? We still have not received anything yet.

    Thank you again.

  5. Love your site, hate the new Viggle changes.
    One thing i want to mention, can you seperate watch point and watch bonus. That way i can calculate the my watch points and they to try to hit the 720 limit.

  6. In your points calculations, I noticed it has that re-checkins get both watch and bonus points. When I checkin to a show twice, I don't get the bonus points for the second checkin. Should I be getting them? Thanks!

  7. Thank you for putting those deals in with the schedule. I always check them out. Where do you find them?

    1. I am a heavy deal seeker. I check out various providers (best buy, eBay, Amazon, etc) everyday to find best deals and coupons. I used to do it for myself, then thought I will share the ones I like. I am more biased and attracted by electronic deals and hence you will find most of those very often. I am glad you liked those.

  8. I have used Viggle for 2 yrs. There have always been periodic times that audio check-ins did not work, but was usually resolved on a timely basis.

    The real problems started ~ Oct when they changed the bonus point method and now checking into shows has been a nightmare. I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad and have problems with both.

    What have you heard about the following problems:

    1. I can't check into most shows if they aired more than 4-8 hours earlier. I usually get (a) a strange show to log into, (b) it doesn't recognize what is airing, or (c) I get a server connection error - never saw that until recently. The oldest recorded show I have been able to check-in to was recorded 24 hours earlier, but only 2 times.

    2. Frequently can't check into shows currently airing even on major networks

    3. A show may be scheduled for 3 hours and be a bonus item with Viggle Live and the points cut-off an hour into the show, but Viggle live continues until the end. You get the bonus points for one-hour, but only time points if you check -in to get points for the remaining time.

    The Olympics is aired most nights for 3 1/2 hours with a 3x bonus. But every single night they have stopped awarding points 30 minutes before the coverage ends, therefore cheating us out of 90 points. For 17 days, that is 1,530 points every single person watching every day of the Olympics is not getting and when you multiply that by the number of users checking in, that has to be millions of points they are not rewarding that have been earned, which is a BIG-time benefit to them as they do not have to give away prizes for those points.

    I can’t believe it. The Olympics are on for 4 hours tonight and my points + bonus just popped up and there are 2 more hours left!! That is 360 points I lose!

    For Apple users, read the reviews for Viggle in the iTunes "App Store", 98 % of the comments are about these same issues. Most of these complaints are from long-term users that have had it with Viggle and quit using it.

    In the App Store reviews there are also complaints about submitting points for rewards, their point balance is reduced, but they never receive the product they used the points for and requests from Viggle are ignored. They state they lose the points and get ripped off by Viggle. The neat products and gift cards rewards have disappeared except a few that take 2 million points to get and Red Box gift cards -now you use points to get 10% discounts!

    Until a few months ago, I always felt their practices were questionable because they shave off 1 point for every show checked into by every person (especially when you read their FAQs with examples of points given - they are all 30, 60, 180, etc. not the 29, 59 or 177 that they actually award).

    I am a CPA and not any kind of conspiracy theorist, but when they appear to have plenty of financial resources because they keep adding so called "new features” that no one seems to want- like what's the point of the "Fantom level" - but they don't seem to ever fix the basic functionality of the program - like the audio login issues; and the way they consistently cut-off award points before the show is over, it makes you wonder what’s going on?

    Personally, I am beginning to wonder if this is all very deliberate to significantly reduce the number of points they actually award to users which would lower the amount of prizes they would be obligated to give. This is only my opinion and in no way considered any kind of allegation. I am not a lawyer and am not claiming any knowledge of any wrongdoing, but I am not only a CPA, but I am also a Certified Fraud Examiner. I am only pointing out what I have observed or stated facts that have happened to me which makes me wonder about the integrity of the actions of this company and to give others an observation to think about!

    I would really like to know what your take is. I love your sight and it has been very helpful when the Viggle app isn't working right!

    1. I completely agree with whatever you say. But I have another way of looking at it. I still watch TV, checking into a few shows doesn't take a lot of my time and over the long run, gives me back some rewards. I do not spend a lot of time playing Viggle Live and stuff because the rewards are inflated. But to look at it, don't you think they awarded gift cards and products a bit oo easily to start with. I could redeem 3 Amazon $25 gift cards with them when they started. I always knew that was promotional offer and wont last forever.
      Now, their rewards are at a more believable price. The glitches that we all face for check in's are because they have a huge user base now (which they cannot handle very well as of now). I do believe they are working on fixing the issue as they are a big, renowned company and would like to make sure that their user base remains stable and only keeps increasing. Over the time from Oct till now a lot of the issues are resolved and they are constantly working on fixing more.
      I still believe its a good app and a good reward mechanism. Who would have expected to earn some gift cards and rewards for being a couch potato. Viggle has made that possible and it has really grown this way. The easy rewards they offered at the start were always promotional to introduce their product in the market. Its the same with any new company or brand. I have followed this company and product since the very start and I am a loyal believer in their work and app. I am in no way affiliated with them and hence all these views are my own based my experiences and following the app since its inception.

    2. ever since they started advertising on TV Viggle has gone down hill. The audio check in takes forever, when you click on ads it takes you out of the app, and for the last several months they do not have ANY gift cards or product rewards. Now this week they not only do not have either rewards but they took them completely off the list. They used to get back to you in a day or two when you reported a problem, but now they don't even answer your emails! Are they collapsing?

  9. Is there any way you could set up a section devoted to matching people up that don't have directv with those that do, which also have a spot left on their account to connect?

  10. I'm curious that in the past week Viggle hasn't been posting their daily 10pt. Update
    and Viggle Live hasn't been working for any of the shows or movies
    Do you have any idea why?
    A lot of the big bonuses also aren't there except for the occasional Miracle Grow 175

  11. Can I check in on a nba game and play myguy, then 1 hour later check in on survivor but keep playing myguy on the game without watching the game?

  12. Hey daily reader of your blog, I was wondering if you could post a different check in list for each time zone since I'm in the pacific and the check in is always eastern. For expample the billboard awards are on at 8 eastern and 8 pacific instead of 5 so I can't use the schedule to receive maximum points all the time.

    Keep the the great work!

  13. I watch the wetpaint videos but have yet to see the points show up. Is there a trick?

  14. where do you go to watch wet paint videos?

  15. I see you posted that if you check into yesterday's 3x unchecked-in bonus shows to earn bonus points throughout the day. Does that only apply to 3x shows or will the 2x also apply?

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for the daily schdules!

  17. FYI- Hey Vigglers, 100 points in Viggle music for "I got stripes" by Johnny Cash & " Trust " by Prince. Maybe more. Love U, Viggleboy.

  18. How can I email you directly?

  19. Amit, how can I email you directly. I have a question about your blog.

  20. Are you aware if they will return products?

  21. Why tf did they remove gift cards, merchandise. Etc. Now they force u 2 dislike the app because i have 400k points and nowhere 2 use them. Was saving for an item and poof no more items. App has glitches. It has been for over 6 months. Cmon viggle. This is sucking like swagbucks. Im so disappointed